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Tools and certification for issuers

Helping issuers understand the Mastercard and Visa certification processes.

[TRECO02] Tools and certification for issuers

Course overview

This training course is designed to inform issuers about the Mastercard and Visa integration processes, as well as the Fime tools that can be used to manage card certification. It also offers guidance on each step of the integration process for issuers looking to implement new cards within their networks. 


  • Understand the Mastercard integration process for issuers

  • Understand the Visa integration process for issuers

  • Identify the challenges at each stage of the certification process

  • Learn how to use the Fime PersevalPro Issuer tool

  • Learn how to use the Mastercard profile advisor tool

Key topics

  • Step-by-step overview of the Mastercard integration process for issuers 

  • Step-by-step overview of the Visa integration process for issuers 

  • The tools and services available

  • How to use Fime and Mastercard’s tools for certification



  • The Mastercard integration process

  • Mastercard profile advisor tool

  • Mastercard profile convertor tool


  • The Visa integration process

  • PersevalPro Issuer tool

  • Demonstration

Course details


1 day.


10 max.


Issuers who need to understand the Mastercard and Visa issuing processes and learn how to use the tools necessary for successful certifications.


Basic knowledge of payment and card systems. Completion of the “Payment ecosystem introduction” training would be an advantage.

Tracking pack

It includes a binder, a notebook, a pen, a USB key and a certificate. 

Added benefits

Stay in contact with your Fime trainer after the session for continued support and insight

Become part of Fime’s trainee community and stay up to date with the latest technological developments

Receive an official Fime certificate in recognition of your participation.

Dedicated training course

To organize a dedicated training session in your premises for your staff only, please request a quote.

Course Calendar




Price (per person)

Antony, France

05 Nov 2020

1 day
500.0  EUR
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