EMV® in transit. Everything you need to know.: Exploring the key considerations for public transport operators and authorities wanting to deploy EMV in transit.

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Fime provides a wide range of testing products and services. Use the filters below to explore what we offer including tools you can use in your own testing, assistance from Fime's experts to help you debug your product or service and our compliance offer, for when you are ready to certify to a specific international standard.

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Acquiring testing service Acquirer Testing Support

Prepare for terminal integration certification.

Acquiring testing service Acquiring Certification Services

Achieve multi-brand terminal L3 certification quickly, cost-effectively and safely.

Acquiring testing service Acquiring Host Testing

Multi-brand certification of your acquirer host platform for optimized acceptance. 

Terminal Level 3 BKM Troy E2E.

How to achieve Troy E2E certification

Biometrics Biometrics testing services

Evaluate and certify your biometric authentication products.

Issuing testing service Card and Mobile Personalization Validation

Ensure payment card & mobile product settings comply with payment scheme specifications.

Issuing testing service Card and Mobile Profile Definition

Select and prepare the best card profile for your business and customers

Card Card testing services

Launch innovative solutions quickly and cost effectively to stay ahead. 

L1 testing tool EMVeriCard

Be ready for EMVCo Level 1 smart card certification.

L1 testing tool EMVeriPOS

Be ready for EMVCo Level 1 terminal certification.

EMV 3-D Secure EMV® 3-D Secure testing services.

Accelerate EMV 3DS compliance to enable secure, frictionless customer authentication.

Open banking testing service End-to-end API testing services

Focus on your innovative financial services by outsourcing API functional and security testing. 

L2 testing tool Eval

Be ready for Level 2 payment terminal certification.

L2 testing tool Eval4dev

Accelerate kernel development with our Level 2 payment automated tool.

L3 testing tool Fime Test Cards

Find the right test cards for your acquirer brand certification.

L1 testing tool Greenlight

Be ready for smart card and mobile performance contactless certification.

Issuing testing service Issuer Host Testing

Maximize acceptance with a trusted authorization host system.

Issuing testing service Issuer Live Testing for Mobile Wallet

Confidently launch your mobile wallet.

Acquiring testing service Merchant Field Testing

Increase your acceptance rate and maximize customer experience.

Mobile Mobile device testing services

Innovate, protect your brand and optimize user experience.


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