The NFC Security Quiz v2.0 | updated with HCE and tokenisation

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7 key questions answered regarding today’s security framework for delivering sensitive NFC mobile services.

In response to significant market demand for its host card emulation (HCE) and tokenisation services, FIME has broadened the scope of its white paper, which explains how the security framework for delivering near field communication (NFC) services needs to evolve to meet the business and technical requirements of all NFC stakeholders.

The updated version of the white paper focuses on the work of industry body GlobalPlatform, and the development of the wider mobile payments industry, to clarify and simplify the security certification process to achieve an approach which balances security, functionality and cost requirements.

Table of contents

  1. What are the threats to sensitive NFC services?
  2. What security does a mobile device offer?
  3. Where do HCE and tokenisation fit in?
  4. Who is responsible for ensuring the security of a sensitive NFC service?
  5. Which certification requirements are relevant to the NFC services landscape today?
  6. Can NFC security evaluations be combined and simplified?
  7. What is the role of NFC security certification in the future?

The authors

Christian DAMOUR

Security Business Line Manager at FIME

Christian is also Chair of the GlobalPlatform TEE Attack Expert Working Group.

Stéphanie EL RHOMRI

NFC & Payment Vendors Business Line Manager at FIME

Stéphanie is Chair of the GlobalPlatform Device Compliance Program Working Group and she has also recently been elected to the Board of Advisors for EMVCo.