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MyTest Process

Complete digitization of workflows and certification journeys. 

Accelerate, simplify and digitize the certification process with a collaborative, cloud-based solution.

MyTest Process

Organize and manage the certification process with different stakeholders using an all-in-one process editor.

MyTest Process is a cloud-based certification process management tool that digitizes the entire end-to-end certification journey.  

It provides guided autonomy and a collaborative workspace for authorities, service providers, laboratories and customers to manage the test process.

The tool features a simple web-based interface that allows authorities to customize their certification flow and control the certification life cycle.

Key benefits

  • Onboard and oversee different stakeholders with full autonomy.

  • Customize certification and the process workflow.

  • Simplify real-time collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the project.

  • Automate communication with Fime test tools.

  • Reduce administrative workload by more than 50%. 

Key features

  • Comprehensive work and certification process management.

  • Customizable dashboards and real-time notification management.

  • Centralized user and access management.

  • Waiver and deviation management.

  • File iterations and record management.

How it works.

  • Develops, edits and sets process workflows.
  • Manages workflows and validates the various steps of certification.
  • Creates and launches test tool sessions.
  • Approves test results and reports.
  • Generates and signs the Letter Of Approval.
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